Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Woman Who Saved Kids From Burning Bus With Amazing Gift


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Source: TheEllenShow

Source: TheEllenShow

After saving 20 young children from a burning bus in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Renita Smith is finally getting the recognition she deserves and a well-earned gift from Ellen DeGeneres.

During a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Smith retold her heroic story of when the bus she was driving, which was filled with students, filled up with smoke and quickly went up in flames.


“By the time I picked up the [radio] to call transportation, my bus was on fire,” Smith said. “But because, you know, everything happened so fast, the neighbors jumped in and got the babies to a safe haven and then I ran back into the bus because I had to make sure that all of my babies were accounted for.”

DeGeneres applauded Smith for her incredible act of heroism and bravery, where Smith just said she was doing her job.

“I’m just like, it’s my job. They’re my babies until I give them back to you,” she told DeGeneres.

Since her amazing act of bravery and kindness, Smith has been praised for her strong act of courage, even being honored with a pep rally in her hometown.

In typical DeGeneres fashion, she couldn’t let Smith go without rewarding her with a special gift. DeGeneres and Shutterfly then gave Smith, a single mother of two who lives paycheck to paycheck, a check for $20,000.

Smith was shocked to receive such a generous and helpful gift, yet it was very well earned!

Check out the full interview below.

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