The Erotic Donald Trump Book You Need to Know About


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Source: Elijah Daniel/Amazon

Source: Elijah Daniel/Amazon

If we told you that one of the best selling books on Amazon right now was an erotic Donald Trump novella, would you believe us?

Didn’t think so. But alas, it’s true.


In a night of drunken stupor, weed, and Twitter polls, author Elijah Daniel, 22-years-old, conceptualized and wrote: Trump Temptations: The Billionaire and the Bellboy.

If you think this sounds insane, you’re right. In fact the author agrees with you. In a recent interview with Vice, Daniel said, “I tweeted the idea as a joke, but so many people were telling me to do it that I decided to just write it.”


Source: Elijah Daniel/Amazon

Daniel, who is an L.A.-based comedian, says that his followers are used to the “dumb, outlandish” things he does. May I also inform you that this is the man who got @TacoBell tattooed to his hand.

In case you need further evidence that this book should be your top priority, here is one of Daniel’s favorite lines from the novella:

“I opened the door and quickly jogged up the stairs, making sure nobody saw the bulging blood sausage I was rocking.”

Daniel even said that if his book reached the bestseller list he would write an entire trilogy.

The only thing to do now is wait.


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