Formula One Driver Crashes And Loses Twenty Years


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We all have moments in our lives that we would like to forget. Sometimes those moments actually stretch across a single day (horrible cousin’s wedding) or a weekend (spring break in Cabo). Unfortunately, we can’t always forget. We might “misplace” a memory but it will always come crashing back. Speaking of crashing and memories, Formula One driver Fernando Alonso recently smacked up his car in a pre-season race. Although his body wasn’t hurt too badly, apparently his brain turned into scramble eggs, as he had no memory of the past 20 years of his life.

According to the Spanish newspaper, The Telegraph, Alonso woke up thinking it was 1995.


“I’m Fernando, I drive go-karts and I want to be a Formula One driver,” the 33-year-old two-time Formula One champion allegedly told his doctors. The official diagnosis was retrograde amnesia. This is rather common among folks who have suffered a severe concussion and also anyone who gets hit with a coconut on a bad sitcom. It would seem that Alonso did get his memory back because he posted a YouTube video a few days after the accident saying he was just peachy. For the record, YouTube launched in 2005 so he must be better. How else would he know to post on YouTube? The race doctors haven’t given him the green flag to get back on the circuit yet. Actually, he should slow his roll. Imagine how much you could get away with if you couldn’t remember the last twenty years. At the very least, we would all get back the six years we lost on Lost. And it still doesn’t make any sense!

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