French Bulldog Named Swayze Reaches Breaking Point in Standoff With Shark Toy


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French bulldog

Source: AOL/SwayzeGirl2011

For many humans, going into the ocean is a ‘no-no’ because of their fear of sharks. But for one adorable dog, he can barely make his way into the bathroom when he sees a menacing toy.

Swayze the French bulldog, most likely named after famed actor Patrick Swayze, “enjoys stalking [his owner] outside of the bathroom.” While his owner was cleaning the bathroom one day, they picked up one of the kid’s bath toys, a shark with a “biting action.” According to the woman, when she picked up the toy, Swayze “went nuts.” Watch:


As a French bulldog owner, we can say that they are highly loyal and protective, but maybe this is taking it to an unnecessary level. Haha! Silly Frenchie.

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