Give Your Favorite Cocktails a St. Patrick’s Day Twist


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It’s no secret that St. Patrick’s Day is a beer-fest, a day dedicated to embracing the Irish culture with drinking Guinness beer, attending parades, and wearing green.

If you’re not a beer drinker and prefer cocktails, it can be difficult joining in on the fun festivities of St. Patty’s Day. Instead of being an outcast, here’s how you can spruce up your favorite cocktails with an Irish twist!


Cucumber Lime Punch: Looking for something light and refreshing? The Cucumber Lime Punch is exactly what you need and it’s one of the easiest cocktails to make. All you need is some cucumber, 7-Up (diet or regular) with frozen limeade, and your choice of vodka. For more on this recipe, check out Real Housemoms.


Green Apple Martini: Although martini’s aren’t the typical Irish beverage to cheers with on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s an easy and delicious cocktail for your Irish bash. With your choice of vodka, green apple schnapps, lemonade, and lime soda, this classy cocktail will fit right in. For more on this recipe, check out the Food Network.



Green St. Pat’s Fizz: Keep it basic and boozy for St. Patty’s with a Green St. Pat’s Fizz filled with kiwi or cucumber, Midori, and vodka. This fizzy cocktail adds some fruitiness to your holiday. For more on this recipe, check out The Weary Chef.


Luck of the Irish Mojito: Give your citrus and sweet cocktail an Irish twist with this yummy Luck of the Irish Mojito. With lime juice, mint leaves, and Bacardi Lemon, there is no way that anyone could resist this fresh beverage. For details on this recipe, go to Recipe Girl.


Leprechaun Sparkling Kiss Cocktail: This slightly sour cocktail is a great excuse to join the fun activities of St. Patty’s Day! With vodka, lemon juice, Sour Apple Pucker, and green sugar around the rim, it’s a festive beverage. For more about this recipe, click here.


Green Bloody Mary: It may sound unconventional, but the Green Bloody Mary will be a surprising and tasty drink option for your St. Patrick’s Day! Add some spice with jalapenos and a buzz with vodka to help you survive this Irish holiday! Details on this recipe, click here.



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