Mom’s ‘Bridget Jones’ Style Diary on Motherhood Goes Viral


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Source: Gylisa Jane/Facebook

Source: Gylisa Jane/Facebook

Motherhood is a mystery and there are really no definitive how-to guidebooks on getting it 100 percent right. Mostly mothers rely on one another for answers, which is why support groups for new moms are essential.

Gylisa Jayne has created a support group of her own — on Facebook. She discovered the trials and tribulations with the birth of her daughter Lily – now 17 months old – that there are no rules when it comes to parenting. However, she has given other first-time moms some help by documenting her experiences on Facebook.


Entitled “The things no one told me,” Jayne describes her adventures in year one of motherhood in graphic detail – sharing about the realistic pain of childbirth and what follows.

She writes in the post, which reads like Bridget Jones Diary, “No one told me that stitches in your vag can actually hurt way more than birthing a baby. No one told me that breastfeeding DOES F**KING HURT. It does ok ? Anyone that says it shouldn’t is only HALF right.”

Jayne told Your Daily Dish her reasons for writing her blatantly honest diary.

“I don’t want to glaze over any of the bad bits! Women have felt like they can’t talk honestly about motherhood for decades — and I think it’s time to be a bit more open about it all.”

Other moms are virally consuming her humorous account with over 69,000 shares, 76,000 likes and 26,000 comments.

One user who is yet to take the mothering plunge commented, “I’m not a mom but always wanted to be. ANY stories of how it’s less than glorious from the moment of the positive pregnancy test help me, in a weird way. THANK YOU. I’m sure there IS glory to be experienced, and ahead, but it helps me to know it’s not bliss from the moment you find out until you have that baby…and beyond, Strangely comforting. THANK YOU!”

Jayne, who describes herself as “a mother of one from Cornwall, UK” on her Facebook page, continues to update her posts. This one on January 8 urges new mothers not to feel guilty about making time for themselves.

“Destroy the idea that you don’t deserve some time for yourself, or for you and your other half to spend time without the little person you created,” she wrote. “You are just as worthy of ‘Me time’ as anyone else without children.”

She also wants to debunk certain myths about motherhood, such as showering with her child.

“People being surprised that I would shower with my child,” she wrote to Your Daily Dish. “Or even be naked in front of her. These comments were from people that were NOT parents, which shows that there are some myths surrounding parenthood — they think it’s as simple as getting in a shower alone but actually, it’s safer for her to join me!”

Source: Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

Source: Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

Jayne hopes to develop her social media writings into something more tangible like a book, which her followers are encouraging her to do.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book,” she wrote to Your Daily Dish. “I just never knew what I should write about. Now people are asking me to write one and I feel like I finally have something to write about. I haven’t been asked to do one officially, only by the lovely people that follow my posts!”


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