10 Home Spa Hacks to Create Your Own Luxury Spa


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Home Spa Hacks

Source: Gwen Lewis

Every woman wants to feel pampered, but let’s be honest, the economy is rough and when you’re trying to pay down student loans, splurging on the spa isn’t exactly a wise financial decision. But pedicures, facials and manicures are so soothing, pampering…and perfect. Money shouldn’t get to dictate relaxation!

Thankfully, your budget doesn’t have to be expansive to afford a day of luxurious spa treatments. Forget dropping hundreds of dollars — you’re a capable, educated woman…and darn it you’re going to have your spa day! It’s time to DIY, because you’re going to host your own luxe retreat with these home spa hacks!


Sounds daunting, but don’t fret. It’s easy, it’s fun…and yes, DIY spa day is still insanely relaxing. Let’s do this!

Food-tastic Facials

You can mix up masks and scrubs with ingredients found in your fridge and pantry. The best masks for oily skin feature egg whites. While egg whites might feel funky on the face…they work like a charm to tighten skin and sop up oil. For sensitive skin, mix up oatmeal, yogurt and honey scrubs to help soothe skin, moisturize and gently exfoliate. Just be careful to not get the scrub near the eyes; even tiny grains of gentle oatmeal can get lodged in the eye and scratch the cornea.

Soak in the Bliss

Scented oils soothe senses and help relax the body. Infuse your bath with rose water and coconut oil for a scent-sational bath that relaxes and helps heal. Coconut oil also helps moisturize the skin as you soak. Add a natural ambiance to the bathroom with fresh flowers. The fresh-cut blooms smell great and feel luxurious.

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Easy Manicure

Rub coconut oil on the cuticles to help soften them. You can also use lotion as a substitute. Then do a quick manicure with a coat of pale pink or clear polish.

DIY Massage

Kinked up back? Tight neck muscles? You don’t need a masseuse. You just need a few tennis balls! Lay flat on the floor (carpet please!) and place tennis balls under tense areas. Roll the balls under the sore areas until they loosen up.

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Warm and Soothing

An easy way to pamper hands and feet is to warm your favorite lotion over a heating vent or under a heating pad (just don’t crank it up too high). The lotion will soak into dry skin…and the warmth is oh so delightful. This is among the best home spa hacks.

Bathroom Sauna

Your shower can turn into a sauna by turning it to the hottest setting and letting the water run for about 20 minutes, a trick that originates from Aly Walanksy, of eBeauty Daily. After the bathroom is nice and steamy, turn off the water and sit and relax.

A day at the spa can be budget-friendly when you schedule a DIY spa day with these home spa hacks. Homemade treatments are just as relaxing as the luxe versions, but they don’t make a dent in your bottom line. For more tips and tricks for DIY treatments, check out the full infographic below. Please SHARE these amazing tips with your friends.

Home Spa Hacks Infographic

Home Spa Hacks

Source: Gwen Lewis

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