Human Chain Rescues Trapped Dog From Raging River


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Source: Rumble/ViralHog

While it seems that heartbreaking news is at a premium this week, a heartwarming video out of Kazakhstan shows that there’s plenty of good left in the world.

A one minute clip posted by ViralHog shows a group of people forming a human chain to scale down a wall and rescue a trapped dog from a swollen river bed.

The pooch had somehow become stranded inside a steep water channel and was being enveloped by rushing water. As a large group gathered, six of them began to act. One person went down into the channel to wait with the animal and keep it calm, while others began slowly descending down the wall hand in hand. A five person chain soon formed, and the dog was pulled to safety.

The video, filed in Sayram according to its description, has become a viral sensation. It’s been viewed over 230,000 times on Facebook and nearly 29,000 times on Instagram.


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