Immigrant and CEO of Chobani to Give $100,000 to Each of His Employees


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Source: Reuters

Source: Reuters

After going from rags to riches, the founder and CEO of Chobani gave back to his employees to show how grateful he was.

Hamdi Ulukaya opened Chobani in 2007 making the Greek-style yogurt a household staple. The company has been a huge success and Ulukaya wanted to thank those who helped him get to where he is today. Ulukaya plans to give each of his 2000-member staff a 10 percent share of the company once the company goes public. The company is currently worth billions of dollars, which would result in hundreds of thousands for each employee.


“It’s been my dream,” Ulukaya shared with NBC Nightly News. “I’d like to give back to them and say ‘you and this community and this country has been so great to us, and I’d like to return that favor back to you.'”

The staff members are incredibly grateful and each had the chance to personally thank Ulukaya for the generous deed.

“I think about how little we started and how hard these people worked to bring us to what we have,” shared Terry Edmonds, the sixth employee ever hired at Chobani. “I’m very proud.”

This isn’t the first time that Ulukaya has given back either. Ulukaya pledged $700 million to help Syrian refuges.

“This isn’t a gift. It’s a mutual promise to work together with a shared purpose and responsibility,” Ulukaya shared with his employees in a written letter.

And as NBC News found, the money sure means a lot to the employees, but “being appreciated means even more.”

See more of Ulukaya’s act of kindness below!


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