Inspiring Video Highlights Everyday People Overcoming Barriers to Chase Their Dreams


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Source: Facebook/Andrew Abaria

Source: Facebook/Andrew Abaria

Watching people overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams can do wonders for the world. Not only does it bring joy and happiness, but it can inspire viewers to get up and chase their own dreams.

That’s the awesome message delivered in a new video from Beaverton, Ore.-based singer and songwriter, Andrew Abaria, who put together a video to his song, “Champion,” to inspire people to create their own “joy and happiness.”



Abaria wrote in an email to Your Daily Dish, “The video is for a song I wrote called “Champion” and it features 38 athletes from all around the globe. Seeing them do inspirational things is definitely a breath of fresh air considering everything that is going on right now in the world.”

And as the Rio Olympics approaches, it’s an important reminder of the hours of hard work millions of athletes across the world put in to fulfill their dreams of one day becoming a champion.

Abaria also notes from his July 12 post that he wants to urge people to do the things they love and not to focus on their faults or limitations.

“[I hope this video] inspires you to become your best self, because as you become your best self, you are giving others the permission to do the same,” he wrote.

The video focuses on dozens of athletes, artists, and survivors that Abaria hopes their stories “transform all of us into more positive, compassionate, and connected people.”

For more, check out Abaria’s Facebook page and his album Opus 1 is available on iTunes now.


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