Internet Can’t Help But Wonder If Chris Christie Is Donald Trump’s Hostage


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Source: Fusion

Source: Fusion

After Chris Christie endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump last week, many questioned the New Jersey Governor’s choice, especially so soon after stepping out of the race for the White House himself. With Trump’s dominating performance in Super Tuesday’s elections, many are seeing a (hilarious) conspiracy unfolding before our eyes.

On Tuesday, Christie was in Palm Beach, Florida, to introduce Trump before giving his victory speech to a room of supporters. As Trump spoke, the Internet could not help but become mesmerized by Christie’s facial expressions as he stood behind the Republican frontrunner.

Most of the jokes revolved around the apparent “hostage” situation that Christie has found himself in, complete with a #FreeChrisChristie hashtag, while others quipped he reminded them of a lost puppy.

Of course, the obvious reason behind a Trump endorsement puts Christie as a likely choice to be Trump’s running mate, but some in his home state are not too happy about it.

On Tuesday, six New Jersey newspapers called on Christie to resign and a New Hampshire newspaper said it regrets endorsing his failed presidential bid after Christie’s Trump endorsement, NBC News reported.

While, clearly, none of these hostage theories are true – well, maybe the puppy theory – it’s always fun to watch the Internet turn something mundane into something far more enjoyable. May this election cycle never end (and that Trump picks Chris Christie as his running mate; otherwise all his grandstanding will be for nothing).

Take a look at some of the best Chris Christie reactions below.


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