J.J. Watt Surprises Young Fan Who Was in a Car Crash With Brand New Jerseys


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J.J. Watt

Source: Twitter @carapia116

A terrible New Years Eve car crash has a small silver lining thanks to Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt.

8-year-old Noah Fulmer was celebrating New Years Eve with his family in Matagorda Beach when a car drove through a parking lot hitting Fulmer and his two siblings. Fulmer was then rushed to the hospital where the EMTs had to cut off the No. 99 Watt jersey he was wearing.


A family member tweeted that Fulmer was super upset that his favorite jersey was ruined, hoping to reach Watt in the process. He didn’t want that jersey to be cut,” Fulmer’s father, Cory, told Click 2 Houston. “He was screaming and crying, and he was putting up a fight for his jersey.” Watt saw the tweet and delivered on his promise the very next day. The defensive end brought the recovering 8-year-old several brand new jerseys with his autograph on them. I started screaming, JJ Watt is gonna come see my baby. He’s gonna boost his confidence,” Maria Garza, Fulmer’s mother, told Chicago television station WLS-TV.
The crash caused Fulmer to suffer from two broken legs and a mangled foot. The 8-year-old has undergone two surgeries for his injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. “For his favorite football player to come out and show him support — I believe J.J. Watt would make Noah feel stronger because of the stuff that J.J. Watt just went through with his back,” Cory Fulmer said to Houston television station KPRC. “I believe he could give good words of encouragement to Noah.” Fulmer’s family has set up a GoFundMe campaign, hoping to raise enough money to cover the medical expenses. Watt, who had back surgery in September, is recovering as well. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year was sidelined earlier in the season after his back injury acted up. Watt is currently in rehab working on a strong recovery. “The driver in the crash was arrested on a charge of reckless driving,” reported Wisconsin television station WITI.

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