Not Even a Car Crash Could Stop This Man From Proposing


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Tennessee resident Jamacio Kimble had been planning to propose to his girlfriend Kayla King on their one-year anniversary for months. In fact, Kimble was so gung-ho to get engaged, that he wouldn’t let anything stop him… not even a car crash.


Kimble explained that he was on his way to pick up flowers, then head to the proposal site from baseball practice. “The original plan was that night at church we were going to have our youth and college career class get together and have roses and music and the lights off, and I would be in the middle of the room,” he told Tennessee television station WBIR. However, the drive took a turn for the worse due to slippery road conditions. “There’s two curves right before the straight away. One curve I made it, then the second I was getting ready to turn and felt my back wheel sliding,” Jamacio Kimble continued. “I over-corrected and was going down an embankment and staring eyeball to eyeball with a barbwire fence.” Kimble crashed head-on into a utility pole, which landed right through his windshield. He was rushed to the hospital, and luckily only came away with some cuts and bruises. However, the accident put his plans for the night in an even greater perspective. “If you look at the car, the pole was in my front seat and passenger seat, and I could have died on my way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. I was like ‘I could have died not asking that, so while I have breath, I’m going to ask that.'” With that thought in mind Jamcio Kimble successfully proposed to King, who had rushed to the hospital to be with him, right in the waiting room. King spoke about the proposal to WBIR, saying, “He said tonight was going to go a little different , and I knew… but I could do nothing but break down in tears.” Video of the unique proposal went viral quickly. A Twitter post from King’s sister Sidney has garnered over 11,000 likes and 4,000 retweets as of March 8.

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