Jared Leto Scared Jimmy Fallon on ‘Tonight Show’ With Live Snake Gift


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Source: YouTube/The Tonight Show

Source: YouTube/The Tonight Show

Jared Leto surprised late night host Jimmy Fallon with a live snake gift on Monday night.

The prankster famously sent his Suicide Squad castmates odd gifts, such as used condoms, sex toys and live rats, in character as The Joker, and he decided to give Fallon a taste of his bizarre sense of humor while promoting the film on the late night show.


The 44-year-old actor stepped out for his The Tonight Show appearance holding a gift-wrapped box and told Fallon, “The Joker is a big giver of gifts, and he was thinking of you and wanted to pass on this gift especially for you.”

Fallon took the box and said, “I’ve read about things and I’ve heard about things, I heard The Joker gave people rats and things before… This is a gift from The Joker? That’s very nice.”

He opened the box and shot back, screaming, yelling, “It’s real! Dude, what is this? He got me a snake!”

Fallon was clearly terrified as the snake slithered out of the box, squealing, “Oh no! Snake, get down… Oh no, no, no, no no…”

Quirky Leto grabbed the snake and held it out toward the talk show host, who ran away.

When the actor had rescued the serpent and put it back in the box, Fallon said, “Thank you, Jared, that’s very, very nice but I’m afraid of snakes a little bit.”

Leto then presented the comedian with a note from The Joker, which read: “Dear sweet Jimmy, enjoy my snake, it’s long and skinny and easy to take.”

See more of Leto’s interview below.


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