Jon Stewart Channels His Inner Donald Trump on ‘Late Show’


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Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Jon Stewart is making the rounds in late night this week. After interrupting The Daily Show on Monday, he crashed his old friend Stephen Colbert’s monologue on The Late Show Thursday to push support for the Zadroga Renewal Act, a bill in Congress that would extend the healthcare benefits for first responders of 9/11.

Colbert was quick to tell Stewart that since he left the late night scene, there is only one way to get a message across.


“No one is going to listen to you unless you, I don’t know how to put this, ‘Trump’ it up a little bit. The media won’t pay attention to anything at all unless you’re Donald Trump,” Colbert told Stewart.

Luckily, Colbert had a Trump wig and a bag of Cheetos nearby to transform Stewart into the orange-faced Republican frontrunner.

“These 9/11 first responders are the most top notch, first class, diamond-encrusted heroes America can produce, and don’t let Congress play politics with this necessary bill,” Stewart shared in his famous Trump impression he used often as The Daily Show host. “If I’m elected – and I will be elected – I will build a wall around politics and I will make politics pay for it. Tweet at your congressmen with the hashtag #WorstResponders. Tell them Donald said, ‘Pull up your big boy pants and make America great again.’ Pass the Zadroga Act or I will glue Congress together, dip them in gold and wear them around my freakin’ neck.”

While Stewart can’t crash ever monologue across the late night spectrum, he has gotten some help.

Jimmy Kimmel reached out to his audience on Thursday during Jimmy Kimmel Live! to ask his viewers to contact their congressmen to reauthorize the act. “Congress is being very Congress-y about it,” Kimmel said while blaming the majority of the holdup on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

See the Stewart-Colbert (and Trump) reunion below.


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