Meet the Rescue Worker Who Managed to Save a Group of Badly Neglected Dogs


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Thanks to the staffers at the Detroit Dog Rescue, a group of dogs are alive and doing well.

Six dogs suffering from a skin disease called mange were recently discovered living in Detroit, Michigan. Mange, a disease brought on by insects, can cause scabies, extreme itching, and several skin disorders. Each of the dogs found had a serious case of mange and needed treatment fast.

Source: Detroit Dog Rescue /


Once the suffering dogs were found, they were taken to a local animal control center. However, when they arrived at the center, they found themselves in a bit of a predicament. The shelter was full and the dogs could not stay there.

Luckily, the staffers at the center were able to contact Kristina Rinaldi at the DDR. She was then able to get in contact with a vet who was able to see the dogs right away.

I’ve seen a lot of mange cases in my dog rescue career, but this was the worst mange I had ever seen.” Rinaldi told The Dodo. “They were just burning up. They had high temperatures.”

She continued, “Their lymph nodes were swollen. Their eyes were swollen shut. Their skin was peeling off.”

Source: Detroit Dog Rescue /

Unfortunately, Rinaldi could not act fast enough and two of the puppies died on the way to the vet. Regardless, Rinaldi was determined to save the remaining dogs.

“The veterinarian said, ‘We’re working against the impossible,'” Rinaldi said to The Dodo.

Thankfully, the treatment was successful with the other four dogs. The healing process took about 12 weeks, but it was well worth it in the end.

“We would visit them every day,” Kristina Rinaldi said. “We also have a great support system of veterinary technicians.”

To speed up the healing process, the vet put the four dogs in baby onesies to supports their skin.

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Slowly but surely their fur started to grow back. It took about eight months for the full coats to grow in.

Source: Detroit Dog Rescue /

The four dogs, named Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie and Arthur, have all been adopted and are now in forever homes. One staffer from the DDR even adopted Wilbur.

Source: Detroit Dog Rescue /

“We gave [Wilbur] a beautiful home with a huge backyard to run around in,” Beth English told The Dodo. “He’s got a puppy brother from another mother who also lives with him. They’re both the same age — 2-years-old. And he’s spoiled like hell. My husband and I decided not to have kids, so these are our kids. He has a life of luxury.”

Source: Beth English/ The Dodo

Mange is a very common disease that is increasing in scope. It is a hard disease for dogs to survive, but thanks to the DDR and Rinaldi, these dogs were able to persevere.

“DDR takes on so many dogs who have been stabbed or shot or have the odds just stacked against them, and time and time again, we say, ‘Let’s sit back and assess the situation,'” Kristina Rinaldi said to The Dodo. “And ultimately, we always make the decision that if you try hard enough, you can do this. Nothing is impossible.”

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