Stray Dog Leads Rescuers to an Abandoned Barn With a Litter of Puppies


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Source: Pinky Paws ResQ Facebook

When Krystal Woodward took in a stray dog, she never expected to save a litter of puppies at the same time.

Woodward is the founder of Pinky Paws ResQ, a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals. The 33-year-old recently took in a stray dog named Betty Boop, hoping to find the pup a new home. However, Betty Boop would run off each night, making it pretty difficult for Woodward to find the dog a permanent home.


In hopes of finding out where the dog went each night, Woodward and her husband followed the dog to an abandoned barn. Woodward couldn’t imagine where the dog was taking them, but as soon as she heard the squeals, she knew exactly what to expect.
The squeals were coming from a brand new litter of puppies. Woodward figured out that Betty Boop was running off each night to scavenge food for her newborn pups. With the help of some friends, Woodward was able to rescue the puppies from their home underneath the floorboards of the abandoned barn. “She trusted me to show me where her 10 puppies were found. This is truly a miracle to me,” Krystal Woodward told the Daily Mail.
Check out the video below for the moment the precious puppies were rescued, and see more of Betty Boop on Pinky Paws ResQ’s Facebook page.
(H/T Honest To Paws)

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