This Dog Took in a Litter of Orphaned Puppies After Her Own Puppies Died in a Fire


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Source: Daisy Woodruff Facebook

Meet Daisy Woodruff, an adorable dog who recently gave birth to a litter of puppies.

Just three weeks after Daisy gave birth to seven puppies, they were involved in a horrible barn fire. Daisy’s owner, Jessica Woodruff, knew the puppies would not survive the fire, but Daisy wanted to try and save them.


We tried to run to the barn but it was too late. We had to hold Daisy as she tried to run into [it],” Woodruff told BuzzFeed.

After losing her litter of puppies, Daisy reportedly fell under a spell of depression and wasn’t acting like her normal self.

“Daisy wasn’t really eating, was walking down to the barn whining and sitting down,” Woodruff told BuzzFeed. “My heart broke for this new mom — that’s all she wanted.”

Woodruff knew there had to be a way to get Daisy out of her funk and turned to Facebook for some help.

Source: Jessica Woodruff

After posing in a group, she discovered that Lorna Murphy’s dog, Chloe, had recently passed away after giving birth to a litter of eight puppies. The puppies needed a mother and Daisy missed her litter, allowing for the perfect matchup.

Soon after the connection, Daisy started to care for the puppies. The puppies quickly settled in and Daisy let them nurse “right away.”

While the arrangement is just temporary, it is making both the mother and puppies very happy.

“[She] is so much more herself,” Woodruff told BuzzFeed. “It’s amazing how much they helped her heal.”

Source: Jessica Woodruff

Woodruff cannot believe the reaction to her story about Daisy.

“The reaction is unbelievable!” Woodruff told Your Daily Dish. “We wake up everyday to another story posted. Daisy got her some puppies and her heart is healing day by day.”

She continued, “After she lost her puppies, she just wasn’t herself and as a mother, I knew she just needed something to love and care for. God provides.”

Source: Jessica Woodruff

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