Lazy Bulldog Gets Out Of Bed For Only One Hilarious Reason!


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Source: Rumble/VonnyR

Source: Rumble/VonnyR

Getting up is hard. The inexorable draw to stay tucked beneath the covers, the warmth, the realization that only an eight-hour workday awaits on the other side of our blanket, these are reasons enough to never want to leave bed.

For dogs, getting up is apparently just as difficult, but for one adorable bulldog, he likes to get up for only one reason.


And the reason is surprisingly hilarious.

You’d think most dogs would want to get up for a morning walk, for a treat, for cheese! (Most humans would get up for cheese – even on a work day…)

But Maverick is different.

“Maverick has one passion in life (besides eating)… His owners can’t even spell the word out anymore because Maverick will immediately know what they’re saying,” a description on the video said.

So what is it? Watch the video here to find out!

Source: Lazy Bulldog only gets out of bed for one thing by VonnyR on Rumble

Skateboards!? How does a dog even get to the point where his favorite thing is a skateboard? Well, I guess that’s the mystery.

Hopefully we’ll get a follow-up video soon where he’s actually taking a ride on his favorite toy.

Bonus Video:

French Bulldog gets outed by his best friend!

Source: French Bulldog gets outed by his best friend by rachalrodriguez on Rumble


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