TV Anchor’s Artichoke Dip Goes ‘Terribly Wrong’ on Live TV


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Leslie Horton

Source: Global News Youtube

They say anything can happen on live TV, but most people haven’t seen anything like this before. Suffice to say, it seems highly unlikely that Canadian television personality Leslie Horton gets invited to the company potluck.

Global News Calgary personalities had been sharing homemade foods throughout the previous week to display on air. The segment begins with Horton explaining to her three bemused coworkers that she intended to bring in a prepackaged fruitcake, however her family insisted that she make something from scratch. Horton turned up with artichoke dip, but said that something went “terribly wrong.”


Two of the other co-anchors try the dip, and their reactions are priceless. One tries her best to swallow it down, all the while commenting on how the dip tastes like vinegar, to which Horton replies – several times – that the artichoke dip contains no vinegar.

Meanwhile her male co-anchor fares even worse. After taking a large bite, he spends several minutes attempting to choke it down before spitting it out into a napkin live on television.

The clip ends with all four anchors sharing a laugh over Horton’s skills, or lack thereof.


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