This 5-Year-Old Shaved His Head So He Could Match His Best Friend


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When 5-year-old Jax was told he needed to get a haircut, he thought he came up with an excellent idea to prank his teacher. Jax asked his mother if he could shave his head to match his best friend, Reddy. He thought that with his new haircut, his schoolteacher would not be able to tell the two friends apart.


Jax was thrilled with his plan and did not see any flaws, as he thought his current haircut was the only difference between him and Reddy. Check out the boys below.

Source: Lydia Stith Rosebush Facebook

He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut,” Lydia Rosebush wrote on Facebook. “Here’s a picture of Jax and Reddy from their Christmas program. I’m sure you all see the resemblance. If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught, I don’t know what is.” Rosebush’s heartwarming story of her son has gone viral across Facebook. The lovable post has been shared over 53,000 times and like 94,000 times. Many people on social media have commended the boys for their inspiring friendship. “Thank you for raising your child to not see color but to see people for who they are,” one user wrote. “Love this. If only we could all be like these 2 little BFFs. You’re doing a great job raising your little guy!” shared another. Reddy even accompanied Jax to get his haircut showing just how close the two boys are! “It’s about friendship and love and the innocence of children,” Rosebush told New York televisino station WABC. Rosebush was surprised by the reaction to her post and had no idea it would go viral. “The reaction to this story has been overwhelming to say the least,” Rosebush told Your Daily Dish. “I had no idea that this would resonate with so many. I originally shared simply because it was a cute story. I just hope that people see the innocence of children and learn from them. I teach my kids that God sees us all the same so treat everyone as you would like to be treated.” Check out the full post below.

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