Meat Popsicles Are the Newest Food Trend


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Source: Annie Wermiel

Source: Annie Wermiel

Say goodbye to fudge bars and Creamsicles, the newest and trendiest popsicle is made out of meat.

Yes, you read that correctly.


Springbone Kitchen in New York City has created a popsicle that is made out of beef bone broth. The single popsicle contains about one-third of a cup of beef broth and sells for $4.

Jordan Feldman, the restaurant’s founder, is hoping the popsicle will appeal to those looking for an alternative to hot soup on a hot summers day. The popsicle is basically soup on a stick, with a healthy twist.

“It’s a little bit sweet,” Feldman told the New York Post.

Feldman told Mashable that “when the broth is served chilled, the collagen content makes the soup too gelatinous to be enjoy as a liquid. Thus, this frozen version is the solution.”

The popsicles are supposed to have a fruity taste, which makes up the majority of the icy treat. It is only toward the end of a bite that you might get a hint of beef. The pops feature “coconut milk, pomegranate juice, raspberry puree and a touch of maple sugar” mixed in with the broth.

Feldman claims that you cannot even taste the meat. “It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,” he says.

Springbone Kitchen was built hoping to “fill an essential need” for healthy food. Its menu focuses on incorporating bone broth into all of their foods. Bone broth is a healthy alternative, providing healthy skin, a strong immune system, a stronger sleep cycle, and solid joint movement.

Source: springbone

Source: springbone

Kelly Ripa tried the meat popsicles out on her show, Live with Kelly, however, she wasn’t the biggest fan.

Would YOU eat these meat #BoneBroth #popsicles?! #LiveKelly @therealjimparsons #Summer #icecream #popsicle @SpringBone

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So, if you’re looking for a healthy and savory treat, check out the bone broth popsicles!

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