This Cat Bears an Uncanny Resemblance to a Stuffed Animal Seal


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When Molly Lichtenwalner saw an adorable stuffed animal that looked just like her cat, she knew she had to bring the toy home. Lichtenwalner’s cat, Otitis, had to get his ears removed when he was just a kitty due to cysts that developed in both ears. Once his ears were removed, he had an uncanny resemblance to a white seal, prompting Lichtenwalner to bring home the toy for Otitis. “People were telling me that he looked like a seal,” Lichtenwalner told Caters News. “I immediately thought of Otitis because not only was it a white seal, but it had the blue eyes. I had to buy it once I saw it because it just reminded me so much of my precious fur baby.”
Lichtenwalner rescued Otitis from a shelter after his ears were removed. The 23-year-old knew she wanted an animal with special needs. This made Otitis the perfect match. “I always knew that when I was ready for a pet, I was going to adopt a special needs animal,” Lichtenwalner said to Caters News. “It was the best decision I have ever made.” Lichtenwalner decided to adopt a cat to help with her anxiety after she was in a bad car accident. “Growing up on a farm, I was always surrounded by animals, and after my accident, I realized just how much animals help me and my mental health,” Lichtenwalner told Caters News.
The one-of-a-kind cat spends his days relaxing and cuddling with Lichtenwalner. “Living with him is an absolute dream! He is the most loving, snuggly cat and he makes me feel so loved,” Molly Lichtenwalner told Bored Panda. Check out all of Otitis’ adventures on Instagram here.

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