Mom Learns Important Lesson From Her Son and His Purple Glasses


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Source: Facebook/ Erin Joy Farias

Source: Facebook/ Erin Joy Farias

When Erin Joy Farias’ son wanted purple glasses, she politely declined to give him any and instead bought him a different-colored pair. Her hesitation wasn’t because she thought purple was a “girl color,” but rather she feared he would be picked on by other kids.

The mom wrote a viral Facebook post about her dilemma. After realizing her 3-year-old really wanted purple, she gave in.


Farias realized that she became part of the problem when she refused to get her son Hendrick purple glasses.

She writes:

“When he first needed glasses at almost 2 years old, I chose a dark blue boyish frame. When he outgrew those, he was adamant that he wanted purple. I have always been progressive and proactive about avoiding gender stereotypes. His favorite toy for about a year was a doll stroller (that he and his twin brother would take turns pushing each other around in). I was so angry when a friend asked, ‘Why would you let them play with a girl toy?’ Yet I was thrown off when he asked for purple glasses.”

She continues to say that she didn’t want him to be made fun of and encouraged him to get a pair of green frames. However, he would continuously ask for the purple ones.

“I ordered him the green glasses. But he would not let go of his longing for purple ones. Sometimes I would put them on his sweet sticky face and he would say, ‘I want purple ones Mom.’ So when his green ones became scratched beyond recognition, I told him we would get some new ones. He insisted again, ‘I want purple ones.’ It didn’t bother me that he wanted purple glasses. But it did bother me to imagine other kids in his class picking on him him for wearing ‘girl’ glasses. Perhaps if we all let our children choose to love what they love, pink or purple would just be other beautiful colors not associated with a gender. I became another person contributing to the problem of gender stereotypes when I essentially made my son choose green glasses.”

Hendrick eventually got his purple glasses and “squealed with the purest joy.” He also got an apology from his mom.

“I’m sorry for trying to persuade you to not love what you love, Hendrick. Your smile is enough. May the world embrace my sweet, purple loving wonder of a boy – exactly as he is.”

Other people agreed. One user commented, “Beautifully said! In the end, it’s his smile and happiness that truly matters! You’re a great mom Erin Joy Farias!”

Farias’ post illustrates that while it’s instinctual to want to protect our kids, it’s even more important to let them be who they are.

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