Mom Makes Insane Granny Style Shot To Win Half-Off Daughter’s Tuition


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Source: Facebook Bethany Academy

Source: Facebook Bethany Academy

Angela Ramey could not believe her eyes.

Earlier this month, the mother from Bloomington, Minnesota, had a chance to win half-off tuition for her daughter’s private school at Bethany Academy. Ramey pulled off the unthinkable when she managed to make a half-court basketball shot in a very unconventional style.


“I played basketball for Grace Lutheran in fifth and sixth grades but beyond that, I’m not sports inclined,” Ramey told KARE 11.

Nine-year old Grace won the prize that put her in the running for half-off tuition by raising the most money – $1,200 – for Kids Against Hunger, a service that serves local food shelves. The only thing stopping them from winning the full prize was making the half-court shot.

Ramey had three chances to make the shot. Together the mother and daughter team took turns and missed badly on the first two attempts. However, luck was in their favor for the third shot.

“I looked at the ball. I looked at the ground. I dribbled once. I closed my eyes and I said a quick prayer.” Ramey told KARE 11.

Ramey went for the old granny-style shot. The ball had a huge arc and came down well short of the basket, but then Ramey’s prayer was answered. The ball bounced over the rim, against the backboard and into the net. The crowd in the stands went nuts. Ramey was stunned with disbelief.

“I was like my gosh made it in! That’s incredible!” Grace told KARE 11.

Watch the video below and see Ramey’s stunned reaction!


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