Moses Brown School Parodies Adele to Announce Snow Day in ‘Hello, School is Closed’ Video


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“Hello, it’s Matt.”


The Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, has channeled their inner Adele to inform their students about the latest snow day.

The snow day was announced Friday via a parody video titled, “Hello, School is Closed,” which featured a very emotional and sepia-toned performance by the Head of School, Matt Glendinning.

“I was wondering if you’ve seen the whiteness on the streets outside / It’s all over everything,” he sang, prepping families for the news. “So it’s too late / school is closed for today.”

The video later cuts to some very disappointed students when they find out they cannot attend school. Meanwhile on the teachers side, it is cheers and smiles all around when they are informed of the closure.

“I’m sorry, students, if it breaks your heart,” Glendinning sings. “It’s not secret, that some teachers are also kind of psyched.”

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The end of the video fast forwards to the next day when the students find out they have to return to school. The children jump for joy, while the teachers sulk in the discouraging news.

Glendinning is not a stranger when it comes to the parody video.

Last year, the Moses Brown School announced a snow day parodying Frozen’s popular hit “Let it Go” as “School is Closed.”

Adele has even jumped on the parody bandwagon herself, using her adorably awkward childhood photo to market her newest single, “When We Were Young.” This is the second single off of Adele’s smash hit record “25.”


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