Mother Teresa To Be Made A Saint


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Just in time for the holiday season comes a Christmas miracle. Mother Teresa, the beloved Roman Catholic nun also known as the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, will be made a Saint, according to multiple reports.

Pope Francis has recognized and ratified a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa. In order to be recognized for sainthood, two miracles must be attributed to someone after their death. In this case, the first miracle came in 2003, when a woman claimed to be cured of a stomach tumor after praying to Mother Teresa. Pope John Paul II, the pope at the time, beatified her after that first miracle.

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Credit: Getty Images


This second miracle credited to Mother Teresa comes from a man in Brazil, who was afflicted with multiple brain tumors. He claims to be healed after his family prayed to the blessed nun. Pope Francis’ recognition of this miracle clears the way for the Roman Catholic church to canonize Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was known for her good works throughout her life. Born in Macedonia, she left there for India, where she spent most of her life. Mother Teresa established the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, that ran hospices for those with leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. In 1979, she won the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to the spokesman for the Holy See, Mother Teresa is set to become a Saint in September 2016.

Credit Instagram vatican_

Credit: Instagram vatican_

In other Pope Francis news, a recent picture circulating on Instagram claiming to be his first selfie turned out to be a hoax. Although the People’s Pope is known for posing with his many fans, the picture from the unverified account, “vatican__,” was not one of them. It was actually a screen grab from a video chat dating back to September 2014. According to the Vatican’s official Instagram account, they have not posted any of Pope Francis’ selfies.


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