Motorcyclist Saves Adorable Kitten In Busy Intersection


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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

YouTube user E511 is being praised for her quick acting when she spotted a kitten in the middle of a busy intersection and rushed to its aid to get the animal off the street.

Watch the video below that has garnered over 400,ooo views in just a couple of days.


As seen in the video, the unnamed woman is sitting at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green. She doesn’t notice the kitten at first as it falls from a dark red car passing through the intersection, thinking the movement is a leaf, but as the light turns and cars start entering the intersection from the other direction, she realizes the frightened animal is stranded in the middle of the road. It’s a tense moment as the woman attempts to halt traffic as a large truck passes through narrowly missing the cat.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending as the woman manages to get the kitten off the road and into the arms of a woman standing nearby on the sidewalk.

But the story doesn’t end there.

According to the YouTube post, the woman kept the kitten.

“Update – To answer some questions –
– Named him Skidmark.
– Keeping him for now.
– Have tried to contact person in red car, but she was unavailable. Either to find out if Skids is hers, or to make sure she knows strays are chilling in her undercarriage. She has my number, and a summary of the incident, have yet to hear from her.”

She even posted a follow-up video showing little Skidmark playing on her lap. A close call, but all is well with this little cutie.


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