New Bike Technology Can Power A Home For 24 Hours From 1 Hour Of Pedaling


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Source: YouTube/Billions in Change

Source: YouTube/Billions in Change

To Manoj Bhargava, riding a bike never looked so good. Bhargava, the inventor of the 5-hour Energy drink, is helping to solve the energy crisis by using his wealth to create a solution.

What does he suggest?


Bhargava has invented a way to power a small house through “pedal power.” According to, Bhargava has created an “electric battery-equipped stationary bike that will help keep lights and small appliances running for an entire day with just an hour of pedaling.”

While this is not meant to completely solve the world’s energy crisis, it has a viable future.

The device is intended to “assist individuals who are currently without electricity or live in remote areas and have shaky access to power,” editors at said. In short, it could help a bunch of people in need whose lives do not revolve around technology.


While Bhargava’s idea may be smart, it is not cheap. By putting his plan into motion, it will cost a hefty $4 billion. The device however will only set the buyer back $100.

“It’s so simple that we think we can make it for $100 … A bicycle repairman anywhere can fix it,” Bhargava told National Geographic.

The devices will start being tested in 2016 in around 20 villages in Uttarakhand before it makes a major debut.

The big question people are asking: How much human energy will be needed?

That seems to still be in the works. Clearly pedaling slowly for an hour will not make much of an impact. Overtime, tests and developments will create an effective answer for this new generation of power.

Watch Bhargava explain his idea in his film trailer below.


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