New York Teen Heroically Saves Two Women From Sinking Car


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A New York teenager is being hailed as a hero after pulling two teenage girls from a submerged car.

19-year-old Cullen Mazlo of Mahopac, New York was lounging at home when he heard the unmistakable sound of a car crash. He ran outside to see if anyone needed help, finding a car overturned in a frozen lake nearby.


The teen told local news outlets, “I tried calling 911, but I was kind of in shock so pulled up my calculator [on my phone by mistake]. But I called 911 and yelled my address at them and hung up.”

After calling for help, he took things a step further and physically involved himself. “I shed my jacket and shoes and jumped in immediately. It was really hard to get through all the mud.”

Mazlo dove into the water, quickly pulling one woman from the lake. After ensuring her safety, he dove back in to locate anyone else in the car. News News

“I could hear the screaming from before I got them out, which was the scariest moment,” he explained. “It took me a while to find her (the second girl) in the car. I felt her leg and I immediately started pulling her by the leg. They were both conscious. Once they were above the water and muck, they seemed OK. The only injury was a cut behind the ear.”

Mahopac authorities lauded Mazlo for his actions.

The town’s fire chief put it bluntly, saying, “They were trapped. They were in a bad spot. He definitely saved their lives.”

Julie Bower, one of the teens, succinctly explained her feelings on Mazlo, “I guess you could say he’s my hero.”


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