‘Extreme Phone Pinching’ Is The New Viral Trend Nobody Asked For


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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Do you think you can handle the pressure of the newest 2015 trend that’s certainly going to ruin a lot of cellphones? Extreme phone pinching!

That’s (apparently) the idea behind 2015’s strangest (read: dumbest) trend. The man bun is out. Forget crop-top turtle necks. Extreme phone pinching is the newest – and weirdest – trend of 2015.


Essentially, daring millennials (and we’re 100% sure it’s only millennials that’d be stupid enough to make this a thing) hold their cellphones perilously over some ledge, some body of water, or both. The only rule it seems is that one can only use their thumb and forefinger to hold their phones and the most daring seem to barely even be pinching the outer edge to hold on to it for dear life.

The trend was reportedly started by musical duo Twenty One Pilots (Who?) and their original YouTube video has racked up some 300,000 views.

And now, of course, everybody wants to try it.

Thankfully in the world of social media hashtagging, we have plenty of documentary evidence of this latest (idiotic) trend… and the inevitable times it was doomed to fail.

Get ready for plenty of YouTube video compilations of #Extreme Phone Pinching Fails!”

That sound we’re making is not laughter. We’re crying for the fate of the human race.

Hopefully the phone companies are documenting these social media shares for when these morons try to get a new phone…


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