Newly Discovered ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Deleted Scenes Shows Different Side of the Character


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Photo Credit: Fox Movies

Photo Credit: Fox Movies

Remember Mrs. Doubtfire? Prepare to see new footage of the film that offers a different take on the heartwarming family classic.

A set of deleted scenes was recently uploaded on Youtube and it provides a darker side of the movie that maybe wouldn’t have intrigued viewers quite like the original.


In the first scene, Daniel Hillard’s (Robin Williams) daughter was participating in a spelling bee where he showed up late. He had a whispered argument with his wife (Sally Field), and breaking his daughter’s (Lisa Jakub) concentration by misspelling her word and eliminating her from the competition.

After the spelling bee, Williams had a heartfelt conversation with his daughter after revealing to his family that he was disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire. The scene could be remembered for this line said by Williams: “Life’s more real and wonderful than acting 24 hours a day. Acting…it’s nice, but it’s a job.”

The second deleted scene is actually hard to watch as both Williams and Field was arguing loudly in the house shortly after Williams cover was blown. As they were arguing, the children’s faces were shown and it pretty much tells the story of how they are feeling.

Judging by the intensity of these scenes, it is easy to see why the director cut the scenes from the final film.

Mrs. Doubtfire was released on November 24, 1993 and is considered to be one of Williams best films. Directed by Chris Columbus, the film went on to gross over $441 million worldwide.

A sequel was reportedly in the works, but was cancelled due to the untimely death of Robin Williams in August 2014.

You can check out the heartbreaking deleted scenes below:


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