‘NY Daily News’ Calls for Trump to Drop Out After Second Amendment Comments


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Courtesy LA Times

Courtesy LA Times

Over the past year, the New York Daily News has made it quite clear they don’t think much of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Since the former reality star-turned-politician announced his run last June, the paper has called him “racist,” “stupid,” “a traitor,” and a “clown.” However the paper has taken things up a notch today, calling for Trump to drop out in light of the Republican nominee’s most recent comments.

The brouhaha began yesterday afternoon when Trump shocked many by saying, “If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know,” at a North Carolina rally.


The words were taken by many as a veiled insinuation that Trump was (at least) floating the idea that Clinton or her potential SCOTUS nominees would be shot, while others saw them as a straight-out threat that his supporters should do it.

Trump’s campaign quickly tried to get on top of the story, claiming the candidate was simply referring to citizens who support the Second Amendment voting against Hillary, but the damage was done.

This morning the Daily News ran an editorial calling for Trump to suspend his campaign, accusing him of attempting to incite violence. The editorial read in part:

“In the event that Trump fails to abandon his candidacy ― as he seems determined to ― the Republican Party, including vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, must instead abandon Trump for toying with political bloodshed.”

The paper’s cover ran with a massive headline proclaiming, “This isn’t a joke anymore.”

The Trump campaign has dug in against the criticism however, with the candidate himself telling Sean Hannity, “I have to say, in terms of politics, there is (sic) few things, and I happen to think that if [the media] did even bring this up, I think it’s a good thing for me.”


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