Ohio Woman’s ‘Monster Garage’ Puts Regular Halloween Decorations to Shame


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Source: Amanda Destro Pierson Facebook

Source: Amanda Destro Pierson/Facebook

An Ohio woman has turned her garage into a monstrously large Halloween decoration.

Amanda Destro Pierson, a 36-year-old professional face painter and graphic designer, has always been a big Halloween fan. Every year she, her husband Kyle, and stepdaughter Kylee go all out with costumes and decorations.


She explained to Today, “I’ve always wanted a house so that I could decorate it for Halloween, which I love doing more than for Christmas.”

This year Pierson took her obsession a step further deciding to turn the automatic door of her garage into a giant monster mouth. She initially took inspiration from various displays posted on Pinterest, but turned the project into something all her own. She hand painted the massive teeth, eyes, and other props onto craft foam, then attached them to the garage using duct tape and fishing wire.

The “monster garage” first became a local hit, with drivers often honking and waving their approval Pierson says. However things really took off when Pierson posted the above video to Facebook. The clip has been viewed over 24 million times (as of press), launching the house into viral superstardom.

According to Pierson, she’s gotten so many questions about how she put together the display that she’s considering putting together a kit to sell for next Halloween.


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