Big Dog Embraces His Tiny Bed That Was Accidentally Bought for Him


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Sometimes, you just have to deal with what you have. Just ask Kenny, a 10-year-old golden retriever from Elkhart, Indiana.


Kenny was a big fan of his sibling’s dog bed and was sleeping on it constantly. The sleeping situation was not ideal for either pup, so Kenny’s owner decided to get him a bed of his own. Paeton Mathes, Kenny’s owner, and his mother, Heather Stoddard, then went online to purchase a bed for the golden retriever. However, they did not pay too much attention to the measurements and got quite the surprise when the package arrived at the door. “My mom had free points to get something so she decided to order another dog bed, since our two dogs share one large bed,” Mathes told Inside Edition. “So she just clicked it, not really looking at the measurements or even price. When it came in it seemed kind of small, so when she opened it, it was a surprise.” Kenny enjoyed the bed — despite the small size of it.

Source: @paetonmathes Twitter

It was honestly funny seeing how small and thin it was. It almost looked like a pillow,” Paeton Mathes told The Huffington Post. “[Kenny] just tried to make it work.” Mathes thought Kenny’s reaction to his new bed was super adorable and decided to share the pictures on Twitter. The pictures of Kenny trying to make the best out of his new bed quickly went viral with over 64,000 retweets. After seeing the tweet, many Twitter users also shared similar photos of their giant pets on miniature dog beds. The viral fame grabbed the attention of a few pet companies. Some of these companies even sent Kenny a larger bed for him to sleep on. Kenny only needs to keep one, so the rest of them will be donated to a local animal shelter.
(H/T The Huffington Post)

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