Parents in Japan Are Sharing Hilarious Photos of Their Kids Sleeping in Weird Positions


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Source: Twitter/ ‏@_nameraka_

A recent trend in Japan has parents sharing hilarious photos of their children sleeping in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions.

The photos are being shared with the hashtag  or #WhenMyKidsAreOutOfBatteries.

Some kids can really fall asleep anywhere.

Like these kids who passed out where they landed.

Nap time outside today? OK.

These kids couldn’t even make it through play time.

Falling asleep while eating seems to be a popular trend.

This girl barely made it through the door.

So close, yet so far.

Impressive, but doesn’t look very comfortable.

While it looks super awkward for sleeping, these babies look pretty peaceful.

Check out more photos by searching the hashtag, 


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