People Are Claiming This Photo of Justin Bieber Getting Choked Looks Like Renaissance Art


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Source: Twitter/ James Harvey

Source: Twitter/ James Harvey

Does life mimic art, or does art mimic life? It is one of the greatest questions of our time, and, thankfully to Justin Bieber, we may have another piece of the puzzle.

Recently, Bieber was at a night club in Houston, Texas, with rapper Post Malone and a few other celebrity guests. Sources claimed that Bieber used Malone’s head as an ashtray, which caused the rapper to fire back and choke him. These rumors were later dispelled by Malone who said they were just roughhousing.


However, what hasn’t stopped going viral is the photo taken of Malone’s hand around Bieber’s neck, which many claim looks stunningly similar to Renaissance art.

You see it too, right?

It’s like some sort of modern-era Renaissance painting, except instead of an ornate dinner, we have beer and smart phones.

Users quickly tried to make the connection more literal, and began photoshopping pictures in typical Renaissance style.

Who wants to bet some crazed fan actually commissions this painting? It probably wouldn’t look that bad hanging above a mantel.

Even non fans could enjoy it, seeing the Biebs getting choked-out every day.


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