People Are in Love With This Rescue Rabbit in a Police Vest


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Source: Disney-Wikia/Facebook-Miss Bunz

Source: Disney-Wikia/Facebook-Miss Bunz

Dressing up animals sometimes sees humans getting way ahead of themselves and putting animals in some pretty ridiculous things. That is not the case with the adorable Miss Bunz.

Miss Bunz is a rescue rabbit adopted in 2012 by owner Nancy Chen. Chen says that Miss Bunz was very shy when she first came into Chen’s home and seemed to fear humans.


“It took a year to earn [Miss Bunz’s] trust,” Chen told Your Daily Dish in an email. “She came from a bad situation where she was neglected and cooped up in a tiny cage. These days, she is completely cage free.”

As Bunz became more comfortable outside her cage, Chen started to treat the rabbit to excursions outside, which delighted the bunny. So, for proper walks, Chen went to the store in search of a safety harness. She settled on a harness with “POLICE” written on it.

That’s when Bunz became an internet sensation. People loved the bunny police look, likening Bunz to Judy Hopps from Disney’s smash hit, Zootopia. The director of the film, Byron Howard, even tweeted an image of Bunz next to her cartoon counterpart.

“That’s a happy coincidence,” said Chen of the similarities to the film. “I didn’t know much about the movie until people started tweeting at me and calling her the ‘real life Judy Hopps.’ ”

Miss Bunz’s Facebook page now sports a whopping 13,000-plus followers as fans bask in the adorable antics of the rabbit.

Because of her experience with Miss Bunz, Chen now advocates on behalf of the “Adopt Don’t Shop” movement, hoping to inspire others to adopt older animals so they are not put down in shelters.

“There are too many animals looking for good homes and often, the ones that are perceived as unfriendly get overlooked. Miss Bunz taught me not to forget the shy and timid ones,” says Chen.

We’re assuming Bunz will be entering the next cosplay contest at her local Comic Con. You’ve got our vote, Miss Bunz.

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