Pregnant Dog Shines Bright During Maternity Photo Shoot


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Source: Facebook Kennedy Sorenson

Source: Facebook Kennedy Sorenson

Pregnancy and maternity photo shoots are pretty common these days, yet one family in California decided to put a little twist on the common trend.

Kennedy Sorensen decided to give her pregnant golden retriever the ultimate treatment with a maternity photo shoot. Sorensen’s dog, Chanel, is due to give birth in mid-October and was joined by the doggy daddy, LeeRoy, for the majestic shoot.


“It all started when I ended up texting the stud’s owner, Amy Rients, asking if she wanted to do a maternity photo shoot, and she told me she would love to!” Sorensen told the Huffington Post.

The photo shoot took place on Sorensen’s farm in Taft, California. The farm is home to many animals including ducks, cats, dogs, rats, and a micro pig, however the other animals didn’t make it into pictures during the shoot.

“She ended up coming out to my house and brought the puppies’ dad, LeeRoy, with her. It took three of us ― me, Amy, and my cousin Raegan ― to get the dogs to hold still long enough to take the pictures,” she shared.

The final pictures came out super adorable and were a major hit. Sorensen ended up sharing the pictures on Twitter where they were quick to go viral. The delightful pictures have already been retweeted over 22,000 times and liked more than 37,000 times (as of press).

“We are all amazed with how popular this has become,” Sorensen said. “Amy and I are so happy that our dogs were able to make people smile and that everyone is enjoying the pictures just as much as we are.”

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