The Price Of EpiPens Have Increased 400 Percent in Recent Years and Parents Are Worried


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Source: Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Source: Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Having an allergic reaction just became pretty expensive.

The Mylan pharmaceutical company, which is responsible for EpiPen, has just increased the price of the life saving device from around $100 to $500, causing a 400 percent price increase.


“Patients are calling and saying they can’t afford it,” allergy specialist Dr. Douglas McMahon shared with Today. “They’re between a rock and a hard place.”

Many of Mylan’s competitors were recalled last year, allowing them to effectively corner the market. The pens, which are about the size of a “fat marker,” have an expiration date of about a year making a refill pretty mandatory. For most children with severe allergies, they carry multiple EpiPens.

Mylan put out a statement reflecting the price change explaining that the price “changed over time to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides,” and that “we’ve made a significant investment to support the device over the past years.”

Mylan offers coupons on its website and with a “good” insurance plan, the cost can be reasonable, noted Today.

“When epinephrine only costs a few cents, but they’re going up to $500, personally I don’t think that’s ethically responsible,” said Dr. McMahon.

Bernie Sanders also weighed in on the issue sharing: “The drug industry’s greed knows no bounds. There’s no reason an EpiPen, which costs Mylan just a few dollars to make, should cost families more than $600. The only explanation for Mylan raising the price by six times since 2009 is that the company values profits more than the lives of millions of Americans.”

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