This Puppy and Baby Goat Are Major #SquadGoals


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Source: YouTube/Sean Cadden

It’s the classic tale of an unlikely friendship. Okay so it appears to be a bit of a one sided friendship on the side of Bud, a four-month-old Golden Retriever.

In a video shared by Bud’s family on YouTube, the fluffy, rambunctious pup is desperately trying to win the affection of Zoomer.


Unlike Bud, Zoomer is a timid baby goat (otherwise known as a kid) only four days old.

The family brought Zoomer inside their home, along with her brothers and sisters, to shelter them from the below freezing temperatures outside.

Clearly Bud is eager to make a new friend, whereas Zoomer appears a bit more reluctant. But, despite this less than perfect beginning to a blossoming friendship, Bud and Zoomer are serving #SquadGoals that would put Taylor Swift to shame.

Watch the adorable video here:


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