Rachel McAdams Confirms Role In Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’


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Source: Elle

Source: Elle

True Detective star Rachel McAdams has been in talks for the female lead in one of Marvel Entertainment’s new superhero films and Monday McAdams confirmed her role, according to reports.

While visiting the Toronto International Film Festival, McAdams told The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider that she will star opposite leading man Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, about a powerful magician who will fight alongside Iron Man, Captain American, and the rest of the Avengers.

Neither Marvel or Disney have released an official comment on Sneider’s news, but it seems the film is hoping star power will overshadow the relatively unknown hero and bring moviegoers into theaters when the film drops next year.

McAdams’ role has not been revealed, but many believe she will play Night Nurse, a love interest of the title character from a 2006 comic book miniseries, Doctor Strange: The Oath.

Along with Cumberbatch and McAdams, actress Tilda Swinton (Trainwreck) has been cast as the Ancient One and Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) as Baron Mordo, Doctor Strange’s arch-nemesis.

Marvel hopes Doctor Strange can conjure up some box office magic when it hits theaters on November 4, 2016.


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