Racism in the Music Industry & Kim Kardashian


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Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi

Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi

Twitter exploded yesterday, July 21, 2015, when hit singers Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift feuded over the highly anticipated MTV Video Music Awards this August 30, 2015.

As if the conversation about race and gender was not heated enough, Kim Kardashian somehow managed to get herself involved in the eruption.


The queen of hip-hop, Nicki Minaj, was confused to say the least as to why one of her biggest hits, Anaconda, wasn’t in the running for video of the year – and so she should, considering Anaconda broke the VEVO record with 19.6 million views in its first 24 hours.

Her video features provocative dancing (similar to Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball – who was completely naked, nominated for the Best Music Video, and actually WON it). However, while Miley gets awarded, Minaj gets categorized as “female” and “hip-hop,” and she feels that her undoubtedly strong impact deserves to be recognized by the music industry.

But the question is, how did Kim get dragged in?

The reality show star was in Paris when she posted a photo captioned, “Imma let you finish but…”

The caption was then taken down, but she was obviously referring to husband Kanye West’s interruption of Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards – and in the midst of all the chaos, it sure looked like the Kardashian was “throwing shade” at Swift.

She then went back to Twitter to clarify.



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