Twitter Users Grill House Republicans Over Their Obamacare Replacement Bill


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After months of speculation, the Republican members of the House of Representatives released their replacement bill for Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And based on the reaction on Twitter, the proposal from the Republicans is far from perfect.

Called the American Health Care Act — which some have already dubbed as Trumpcare — the bill makes several changes to the Affordable Care Act that are likely to reduce the number of people insured. The changes include cuts to Medicaid by phasing it out, defunding Planned Parenthood, and altering health care subsides to adjust for age instead of income.


In addition, the Republican health care bill gives tax breaks to insurance companies that pay their CEOs more than $500,000 a year.

“With Medicaid reductions and smaller tax credits, this bill would clearly result in fewer people insured than under the ACA,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, via CNN. “The House GOP proposal seeks to reduce what the federal government spends on health care, and that inevitably means more people uninsured.”

On Monday night, users on Twitter illustrated the shortcomings of the Republican health care bill with tweets of comparative photos:

The proposal from the Republicans will protect two popular aspects of Obamacare: insurers can’t deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and adults up to age 26 can remain on their parents’ health plans.

Several Republicans in the Senate are also speaking out against the bill by saying that it does not go far enough to protect all Americans.


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