Cat Once Rescued by Loving Dog Now Returns the Favor for Orphaned Kittens


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Rosie cat

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After Rosie the kitten was saved by a caring Husky mother, Rosie cat is now paying it forward to help a group of foster kittens in need of some motherly love.

Back in 2015, a family fostered Rosie, a kitten on the verge of death that looked like she might not make it. The family knew their husky Lilo had always had a gentle, motherly instinct, even though she had never had puppies of her own. With few options left for Rosie, the family placed her beside Lilo. To their surprise, she went into full mom mode and nursed the kitten. Within days, Rosie had built up the strength to walk around on her own again. After several more weeks, it was clear Rosie was going to make it — and that her and Lilo were inseparable from then on.


Rosie cat and Lilo’s unbreakable bond surprised their owners, but the surprises wouldn’t stop there for their furry family. The next year, the family took in a litter of nine new foster kittens. They wondered how Rosie would take to the new little ones, especially that she had adopted so many of her husky dog family’s traits. Admittedly, Rosie cat took some time to warm up to the kittens, remaining indifferent to them for several days. But as the owners discovered, Lilo’s teachings must have rubbed off on Rosie after as she began to mother the kittens, snuggling and playing with them.
Rosie’s adventures with the nine foster kittens wasn’t her last mentoring. It seems the family routinely takes in newborn kittens for upbringing and care. After Rosie’s brush with death at such a young age, she seems happy to pass her good fortune on to other little ones in need. Please SHARE Rosie’s incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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