Say Goodbye to Lonely Lunches Thanks to a New App Called Sit With Us


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Source: Sit With Us Facebook

Source: Sit With Us Facebook

For most kids at school, lunch and recess is their favorite part of the day. However, for some students it could also be the most stressful part of the school day.

16-year-old Natalie Hampton knew the stressful lunch situation all to well. After sitting through some lonely lunches, Hampton decided to take matters into her own hands to make lunchtime more inclusive.


Hampton created the app Sit With Us, which helps other students find friends to sit with during lunch. The app takes away the nerves of having to sit alone at lunchtime since “the app is based on being inclusive,” shared A Plus.

So, how does the app work?

Students can sign up to be ambassadors and host lunches. In the app, the ambassadors can add details about the lunch and basically introduce themselves in a small description. Anyone can join the ambassador’s event “with the assurance that they will be welcomed once they get to the table,” explained A Plus.

Hampton created the app after she was bullied in seventh grade, which led to her eating alone. Hampton then changed schools and whenever she saw someone eating lunch alone, she would ask them to join her.

“Each time, the person’s face would light up, and the look of relief would wash over the person’s face,” Hampton shared on the Sit With Us website. “Some of those people have become some of my closest friends.”

Sit With Us is currently available to download in the app store and “the results have been very, very positive,” Hampton shared with NPR.

See more about Sit With Us below.

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