School Custodian Gets Surprise of His Life From Grateful Students


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Courtesy Youtube

Courtesy Youtube

A recent video posted by the DUDE. be nice™ project shows that no matter what job a person has, there are always people who appreciate them.

A man identified only as Rocky has been a custodian at Camarillo California’s Los Primeros School for the last thirty three years. Over that time his positive attitude, kindness, and dedication have made him a beloved figure in the school community, and someone the student body wanted to recognize.

The video itself shows how the students, with help from DUDE. be nice™ representatives, organized a celebration for Rocky in the school’s auditorium. They made signs and banners, bought all his favorite miniature candies, and even brought in a former member of his beloved San Francisco 49ers football team.

When the time came, the custodian was summoned to the gym under the guise of having to clean up after a student had gotten sick.

However instead of a mess to clean up, Rocky was greeted by a surprise shower of candy and cheers as the students showed their appreciation for all his efforts, and the personal way he interacts with each of them.

Watch the touching surprise as Rocky is moved to tears by the unexpected show of affection.


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