Several Airlines Bent the Rules and Helped Evacuate Animals After Wildfires Hit Canada


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Source: Facebook Carmen Allison C

Source: Facebook Carmen Allison C

The city of Alberta, Canada is having a rough time right now thanks to a few out of control wild fires. The fires have caused the entire city of Fort McMurray to evacuate in early May. The evacuation resulted in 80,000 people temporarily finding shelter with over 2,000 structures being destroyed.

Along with the people who needed to be relocated, many animals found themselves without a place to go since many airlines make traveling with an animal very complicated. However, several airlines like Air Canada, Canadian North, and West Jet bent the rules and allowed the animals to board the plane with ease so they could remain with their owners without a kennel or carriers.

Some of the flights hosted up to 30 different animals.

Many of the animals who were left behind were taken out of the evacuated areas and will be reunited with their families.

The crew treated the animals with the utmost respect making sure they had water and were comfortable.

For the animals that were rescued, they will be taken to Edmonton and Calgary to be reunited with their owners.


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