Singer’s Soulful ‘Over The Rainbow’ Rendition Will Make Your Heart Soar


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Source: Facebook/Molly Kate Kestner

Source: Facebook/Molly Kate Kestner

It’s a song you’ve heard hundreds, maybe thousands of times before. “Over the Rainbow” was immortalized decades ago when Judy Garland sang it in The Wizard of Oz in 1939.

For years, talented singers have lent their vocals to the classic song, but one singer’s soulful approach is leaving listeners stunned with awe.


Molly Kate Kestner is a singer-songwriter, who “enjoys long walks to the refrigerator and is currently in a loving relationship with her bed,” according to her Facebook page.

Kestner also enjoys a hefty Facebook fan audience of over 500,000 members due to her stirring, classically soulful voice. Her songs are “Liked” and “Shared” by thousands every day.

But her rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” which of all places she recorded in a bathroom – “Sometimes the bathroom acoustics are just too good to pass up,” said Kestner in the post – is drawing national attention and over 800,000 views on Facebook. Check out this stirring rendition that just might send chills down your spine.

Sometimes the bathroom acoustics are just too good to pass up. This isn’t a perfect cover but I’m okay with that. This song always makes me happy. ❤️ #SomewhereOverTheRainbow

Posted by Molly Kate Kestner on Sunday, August 9, 2015

For more, you can visit Kestner’s page here to listen to her original songs, or other covers, like the time she masterfully tackled Adele’s new hit, “Hello.”

HELLO. It’s me. I was wondering if since you asked for this you’d mind watching…til it’s over.. Cuz you see, it ain’t quite as good as Adele. But at least I’m trying…Okay enough of that. 1. Like always, I apologize for my lack of piano skills.2. My phone died while filming this so it ends abruptly…but so do relationships and so think of it as a metaphor. Hahaha 3. If you happen to like it, then please share it with your friends & go check it out on YouTube! Also, for those who are wondering…YES I am still writing music 🙂 lots of it. It’s coming.

Posted by Molly Kate Kestner on Thursday, November 19, 2015


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