A Small Town Has Been Taken Over by Goats


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Source: Offthegridnews.com

Source: Offthegridnews.com

Attention goat-lovers: have we got the place for you!

A small town in Western Australia is currently experiencing goats – because goats is now a state of being.


The town is called Kambalda and about 250 wild goats have taken over. While this may sound all cute and fun, many residents of the town are not pleased – mainly because the goats have no mercy.

The goats are damaging cars, causing traffic jams, tearing up gardens, and generally wreaking havoc on the good people of Kambalda.

Coolgardie Shire President Malcolm Cullen spoke with a radio show about the situation: “They’re down here at the moment and causing a bit of grief to some of the residents by trimming and destroying some of their plants in their gardens …We also have some photos of goats on someone’s car doing some damage.”

While Cullen said they have had incidents with goats on roads on the past, it’s quite unusual for the lot of them to venture into town. He said that they’ve had trouble with wild dogs lately, so it could be that the goats are coming into town for protection and food.

Cullen also mentioned officials are planning to attempt to trap the goats and move them someplace else. However, the plan will take about two months to set up.

While some people of Kambalda are wishing the goats gone, others are quite enjoying them, saying they make their kids happy.

“This is sad. The goats are entertaining and my daughter loves them,” one Facebook user wrote.

“We love the goats. Can’t there be a compromise and some be culled to bring the numbers down?” another questioned.

In the meantime, here are some lovely videos of goats being goats. To paraphrase Ghostbusters, “There is no Kambalda. There is only goatssss.”


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